About Us

Two creative friends (& maker mavens) share their handmade lives and maker inspirations.

{ Who We Are }

We are two Mavens who want to share our passion for making, learning and socializing. We are Makers and Mothers who just can’t keep creativity out of our daily lives. We see something and say “I can make that” and then go home and research. 

As the Maven Maker Society we want to invite you (and other like-minded people) to create DIY projects in a social setting and if it feels like a party (...even better!). 

Explore our list of workshops and find your next Maker night out.

{ The Mavens }

Terra Burgess

  • Mother of 2 (boy & girl)
  • The outgoing one, who enjoys the hunt for trends and products
  • She loves to upcycle and forage for her craft supplies
  • Michigan born & raised
  • { Maven Favorites } - Paper Crafts, Home Decor, Graphic Design

Jessica Thorndike

  • Mother of 1 (girl), adoption was her path to motherhood
  • The introverted Maven who loves the numbers and planning all the details
  • She loves to learn new techniques to share
  • Her “pre-Maven" career was in the field of recreation & education (17 years)
  • Also Michigan born & raised
  • { Maven Favorites } - Crochet, Sewing, Kids Cooking, Bath products